Law for Black Lives is a national community of radical lawyers and legal workers committed to transforming the law and building the power of organizing to defend, protect and advance Black Liberation across the globe. L4BL is the Black femme led legal arm of the Black Liberation movement. Through the coordination and provision of legal support, training, mentorship, research, political education, policy and popular education tools, we are building a legal infrastructure that is responsive, action oriented and collaborative.


  • We believe in using the law for the people and that legal tools should be used to build the power of movements.

  • We are committed to liberation and self-determination of all Black people -- including Black women and LGBTQIA folks.

  • We hold ourselves accountable to support movements for Black liberation including organic uprisings.This means following the leadership of movement organizers and taking direction and feedback from our partners.

  • We are political. We understand that this work requires political lawyering and explicit partnership with movement activists/organizers.

  • We strive to think creatively and collectively about how the law can be used to support movements while respecting activists’ and organizers’ political choices.

  • We are unapologetically committed to developing and following the leadership of Black people within the law.

  • We believe in the importance and necessity of an agile and radical legal infrastructure that supports liberation movements.

  • We believe in actively combatting the elitism, hierarchies and lawyer-centric tendencies within the legal world.

  • We believe in an internationalist approach that draws connections between the struggle for human rights and dignity in Black communities in the United States and across the globe.

  • We are committed to continued growth and in the words of Mary Hooks we are willing and ready to be transformed in service of the work.

  • We believe in creating a space that is affirming, healing, transparent, and respectful. We work to ensure that those spaces don’t replicate the kinds of oppression, harm and trauma that we are working against.